Installing Xperia Arc S From Scratch

Guide for Installing Xperia Arc S from Scratch.

CAUTION: BEFORE USING THIS, you need to understand that I am in no way guilty for bricking you’re devices or bootlooping and other stuff. You take full responsibility for continuing further..
All of this guide is used for experimental purposes and no way used for Daily usage devices/phones. 



Can be used with every Android device. 

Things that change with other Android devices:
1. CMXX Version (CyanogenMod version (It’s a base pack with default files) )
* In this case it is CM11 (Build 20141224) Kitkat 4.4.4
2. Gapps package version and size. (Based on CM version)
3. Custom ROM that is used for Skins, better performance etc. 
* In this case RepeXpersiS Z3 Legend Edition! Android Kitkat 4.4.4.
* For me, this is the best there is for Xperia Arc S. Is not lagging, is pretty fast.

And for Tech Enthusiasts it’s in my opinion the best till this day.
Android Kitkat 4.4.4 gives you the taste of Xperia Z3 (Flagship phone of 2014 from Sony).
Look and Feel from the best for our old phones (2011 i guess Xperia Arc S)
P.s. There is some bugs, for bug list please Check the Source links on the bottom of post! 

Tools i USED: 
1. Xperia Flashtool 64bit version. LINK (Newest till this day) – WEBPAGE
2. FOR SDCARD Partitioning : MiniTool Partition Wizard (FREE Version) – FOR WINDOWS
2.1. FOR Android – Aparted in google play store.
3. Root Browser for Android : LINK and full Version : LINK
4. CWM (ClockWorkMod) Menu for formating, flashing and BACKUPING everything.

If there is any problems i will try to help, but for better answer please write to Original Topics in 

Source for Legacy Xperia Team CM11 Guide : LINK
Source for RepeXpersiS Z3 Legend edition: LINK

Support Developers by buying the cup of coffe 🙂

Xda-developers user: tracins

Thank you for the guide to 

Legacy Xperia Team member mikeioannina 


Ambor ! 


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