Asus vivotab RT TF600T – Touchscreen problems, phantom touches.

Writing because, i have problems with it and so others could get something out of this!

I had touchscreen issues with my Asus VivoTab RT TF600T. Fixed Phantom touch issue with disassembling it.

My problem described better in these videos : (This is not mine).

Big thanks to this guy for his video on disassembling the tab 

* I just took out the frame with the display and touchscreen, and put it back, but before putting back, looked at everything carefully and made sure everything is in the right places and put back together.
* Cleaned the screen from inside – the white board with cloth tampered with water.
* Put all together. Didn’t even need the touchscreen and display taking apart.

But still will buy Touchscreen:
EBAY LINK:  That I am considering to buy. 

And found another one that could help, but preferred the guide that is above this text. guy is awesome, but by some reason i can’t imbue the video here, that why there is only links. 

No matter that, i have my issues with the touchscreen itself, it has problems. Doesn’t recognize a lot of touch points. (Picture below with the mspaint test).

And further, pictures from the breaking down part. 


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