Link2SD Mount script error.

I’ve been Using Link2SD on every Android device.
And stock and Custom Roms too.
Had problems before with this error particularly and now i guess i have the answer.

When it shows error:

Mount Script cannot be created
Mount: Invalid argument

1. You need to format you’re SD Card. 
But before that, you should BACKUP EVERYTHING IMPORTANT TO YOU! 
* You can do Nandroid backup before doing anything, in case everything fails. (Didn’t happen to me).
* You can Backup everything with Titanium Backup and SuperBackup. (Both are really helpful for me).
2.  Using MiniTool Partition Wizard ( Im using Server Edition, but you can use FREE) for formatting and making new partitions. 
* The best tool there is, for now! 

Make 2 partitions, both primary and both Fat32.

* Fat32 is working with every device there is (But can contain files only less than 4GB in size). 

I created 1st partition 12GB and 2nd Partition 3.1GB (I have 16GB SD Card, Class 10 – The fastest class for now). 

Then click on Apply and wait till it ends. And don’t interrupt the process, it may damage the results. 

Then Enter Link2SD, when windows pops-up choose Fat32 (Recommended), i chose f2fs, the fastest type of partition for Android OS there is. 

And everything is done!

Hope it helped someone! 

If helped please write in comments. 


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