Popular errors while installing Windows XP and Windows 7

I tried installing Windows XP on friends computer.

1. NTLDR or Hal.dll missing or corrupted
2. boot to black screen with blinking line
— UPPER 2 Errors are from XP —-
3. Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition.  – Tried solution with making the HDD bootable (FOR INSTALLING FROM HDD). – TUTORIAL
4. Windows could not set the offline locale information error during install.

Because of dead HDD (Hard disk drive). There are sectors that are dead and gone and you need to find the dead sectors so you don't knock on them.
 *** Try creating 30GB partitions on you're HDD (if you have more than 30GB ofcourse) (30GB is the best size for Windows 7, but optimal is about 12GB)
I have 4 partitions with 30GB 
 1 with 20GB in size. 
Formatted in NTFS. (With smallest allocation size)
The easiest way to find is to try to install windows on every partition till it installs completely.
- Installation almost worked, but on the end was BCD error (could not update the computer's boot configuration. Installation cannot proceed). Error appeared because of Hard drive. It had bad sectors and those sectors were the ones Boot configurations needed.
So things we need to fix :
  • ISO file – USB/CD-DVD installation.
  • IF USB, then USB MAKERS (USED WinToBootic). The only one that did the job.
    * Also tested every possible normal tool there is –1. Rufus v1.2.0 (MY FAVORITE, till this problem occured) – I use with Windows 8 and 8.1
    2. WinToFlash – FAILED TOO – Is in beta still, so be patient. 
    3. WinSetupFromUSB – FAILED (Didn’t like the soft) – Can be used with Windows 2000/XP/98. 
  • IF CD, then any Bootable media maker. (I’ve used PowerISO and Nero Burn Image)
//– These 3. first showed me blinking line on startup.
Tried every option i could find, but nothing worked.
4. RMPrepUSB – very advanced, but failed too (showed NTLDR missing, hal.dll corrupt or missing)
 5. WinToBootic – Great tool, Easy as hell, fixed blinking line and NTLDR problem.
In the start i tought there is problem with ISO, so i downloaded about 3 or 4 other ISO’s of XP SP3. ( I needed smallest there are, so i searched Lite versions – mine was 700Mb large).
Then i formatted USB drive with every tool possible.
After giving up on XP, I tought  maybe Windows 7 could work, then I tried installing it, but it failed about 10 times, tried many moves, nothing worked.
5th tool helped me – WinToBootic, resolved a lot of my problems.

//– TIPS for installing –

1. Have a drive that is healthy. My friend had broken HDD, and had a lot of problems. But without that HDD i had problems too, i replaced his 20GB with 160GB mine (160GB has dead sectors).
2. Before doing anything, make sure you backup all files needed from HDD. (Depends on what is you’re situation)
3. make sure you have needed Drivers for specific laptop or they could not work.
My friend has laptop, really normal, but he destroyed somehow his own and replaced with my 20GB HDD, so he could have windows at least.I am an starting IT tech, Amateur in IT, that wants to help, so i’ll be pleased to help you!

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