Old computer XP problems with drivers.

Necessary to check if all settings in BIOS menu is set correctly or preferably set default. It happened to me because of drivers. I had this old server computer/ Sold after company closed or bought new. * Have freshly installed Windows XP SP3. * Installed chipset drivers for nforce 6100-405 windows xp 32bit. 1. Tried installing every component separately, starting with Ethernet driver.  — Pack contains Version 1. Ethernet drivers – THIS ONE WORKS! 2. SM bus Controller drivers (STORAGE) 3. Media shield drivers. Tried installing Nvidia video drivers — Pack contains Version 306.81 International.  Display driver nview drivers … Continue reading Old computer XP problems with drivers.

Link2SD Mount script error.

I’ve been Using Link2SD on every Android device.And stock and Custom Roms too.Had problems before with this error particularly and now i guess i have the answer. When it shows error: MOUNT SCRIPT ERRORMount Script cannot be createdMount: Invalid argument 1. You need to format you’re SD Card.  But before that, you should BACKUP EVERYTHING IMPORTANT TO YOU!  * You can do Nandroid backup before doing anything, in case everything fails. (Didn’t happen to me). * You can Backup everything with Titanium Backup and SuperBackup. (Both are really helpful for me). 2.  Using MiniTool Partition Wizard ( Im using Server Edition, but … Continue reading Link2SD Mount script error.

Custom Android ROM FIX: "Insufficient Storage Available Error".

I’ve been having an error on Custom Made ROM: Kitkat 4.4.4 – “Insufficient Storage available”  If application gives you this error, please do as mentioned below.Root browser needed.For avoiding this error: 1. go to “/data/app-lib/APP-PATH(that has this error)/lib” and delete.2. install/update the apk app.3. if not work go to “/data/app-lib/APP-PATH(that has this error)” and delete all the folder (but you must begin by their sub-folder then the folder itself, because you cant delete the folder of this APP-PATH directly without deleting their sub-folder first.* I just deleted the Full App folder and it did it.Donate the guy who solved this error: baha76_s  … Continue reading Custom Android ROM FIX: "Insufficient Storage Available Error".

Installing Xperia Arc S From Scratch

Guide for Installing Xperia Arc S from Scratch. CAUTION: BEFORE USING THIS, you need to understand that I am in no way guilty for bricking you’re devices or bootlooping and other stuff. You take full responsibility for continuing further..All of this guide is used for experimental purposes and no way used for Daily usage devices/phones.  BEWARE! BEFORE DOING ANYTHING WITH YOU’RE PHONE, BACKUP EVERYTHING!  Can be used with every Android device.  Things that change with other Android devices: 1. CMXX Version (CyanogenMod version (It’s a base pack with default files) ) * In this case it is CM11 (Build 20141224) Kitkat … Continue reading Installing Xperia Arc S From Scratch